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System Administration
Administration of Servers is an important management function since poorly managed Servers can adversely affect your performance internally as well as with your customers. We can help you achieve this cost-effectively. For a fixed cost you will benefit from the expertise of our technical, dedicated staff who have several years’ experience. We will help you maintain your system up to date. We will help you deliver Quality Support to your customers so that it can give the greatest leverage possible to your business and we will also set measures to safeguard your Servers from disasters.

Server Setup
A Server setup has to be carefully performed. We will help you conduct the necessary preparations as well as execute the setup process. We will ensure that the setup is carried out in short time with minimum disruption to your business operations.

Technical Consultancy
We will be able to assess your computing needs and determine which technologies would benefit your business. Subsequently we could help you with deployment, administration, and support of the new solution. We can help you make wise long-term decisions regarding networks, hardware and software products, and system solutions.

We can identify industry-standard solutions with a capacity for growth; outline plans for preventive maintenance, monitoring, and system management; and think about how your business could benefit from additional software or new technologies that are available.

24/7 Services
24/7 support -livewebsupprt.biz provides 24/7 Live Chat Support, 24/7 Ticket support,24/7 Phone Support, Server Administration, Server Monitoring for Web Hosting Companies, owners of ISPs & end users .

Uptime guarantee - livewebsupprt.biz provides you with different third party softwares for Server Monitoring and load balancing. Our experienced Qualified System Administrator will also advice you in choosing Control Panel , Helpdesk, Billing and Ecommerce softwares for your new Servers. Our suggested third party softwares will keep the server load to a certain limit and processes are killed if the limit is reached.

Corporate Security Services - The threats to corporate networks are real and you must take steps to minimise their potential impact. We can provide security services which address issues of security and will help you prevent unpleasant scenarios.

We will propose a security plan, which will contain recommendations about developments, which should be made in the information system to address network risks according to the greatest likelihood of a breach of security. The security plan will balance access restriction, ease of use for users, and simplicity of administration. We will propose a strategy, which addresses setup of firewalls & Installation of third party security softwares. The strategy will also define the system recovery plan structure. We will also provide an option for consultancy for the implementation and maintenance phases of the security plan.

Web Designing & Development
We have worked with clients from many industries to build software applications that increase their efficiency (please see the list below). And we have resold this software to other companies. In all cases, our software is customized to fit the clients needs and includes training and support. The advantage to you is lower cost, quicker utilization and peace of mind. We understand that every customer's need are unique in business software!

Live Web Support specializes in Total Quality Custom Website Design and Development for global companies. We are a full service online Website development firm developing dynamic solutions - from online brochure ware to customized shopping carts and ecommerce Website applications.

Live Web Support provides you high quality PHP/Java/Jsp/Asp or tailor made scripts at rates that are far below our competitors. Our scripts has been enabling webmasters to start their new profitable online ventures or to turn existing ventures into profitable ones. We have scripts to enable you start many different profitable online web sites with ease.
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