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 About Us

At Live Web Support, we prioritize to deliver twofold solutions, satisfaction & soaring returns on your business.

You need elite outsourced tech support team that is accessible 24x7 to clarify your client’s every doubt & query. Whatever may be the extent of your company, our qualified support team comprising of Linux & Windows System Admins / Techs will always stand by you. You don't have to worry about unanswered e-mails, unattended servers and difficult issues. Our Web Hosting Support team will tackle any challenge that comes your way & gives you the satisfaction that you deserve.

Our efficient tech support team comprises of Qualified System Administrator & techs that will relieve your financial, mental encumbrances faced in maintaining a technical support team. We will manage all the annoying hassles as hiring, recruiting, training and retaining support team that will operate on 24/7 Phone Support & Live Chat Support.

By outsourcing to us, you can utilize your resources & funds in a more effective way, such as providing more budgets to sales & marketing.

We assure you immediate availability, Instant responses quality answers from our technical support helpdesk of software engineers. Pass over your headache of retaining trained techs to us so that you can contribute to more important aspects of web hosting business like sales & marketing.

With Live Web Support your worries are no more yours.

Live Web Support endeavors to partner with leading Web Hosting and ISP companies by investing in dedicated tech teams for their Technical Support and Total Quality Software Development processes.

Clear Quality and Security policies, Customer Property protection and NDAs ensure complete confidentiality and confident partnerships. Additionally, experienced Project Leaders train and manage teams to eliminate significant overheads.

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